Thursday, November 1, 2012

Behold the Wrath of Mother Earth

This message was given in 2003. In reading this part of the message of Divine Wisdom (Mother God) take into consideration that in that period of time the government was led by President George W. Bush.


Divine Wisdom through Debbie Wright
September 17, 2003


Wisdom: Well, some, yes. But others … Which parts of her have had the greatest strife?
Guests: Her heart?
Wisdom: On your planet, on the surface, which areas have had the greatest strife?
Guests: The coastline.
Janisel: The Middle East.
Wisdom: Very good. Therefore, she magnetizes to that area so those children will no longer suffer. Do you understand? She has a power, of which each of you have, but it lies dormant within you. And only when your emotions become overwrought can you even get an inkling of what that power is. That power that you have is the pull of your Soul. It is a magnet that draws to your physical being what you need. Do you understand? Now, let's say that there is devastation in one place, such as two big buildings being hit and falling. She magnetizes compassion, love. Did you see the change that that made? Do you understand the CHANGE that that made? And not just in that one place, it affected the entire planet because all the compassion and love that was demanded to be located in that one place. Do you understand? Now, then, you have an area that has hate, that has confusion, that has an over-abundance of what humans deem to be `power', that has dished out this greed, this pain, to make itself more powerful in the eyes of the rest of the world through its over-abundance of what you call `oil'. It would not have been so bad, but the entire civilization there demeaned the better part of itself. Do you know what I speak of? The women, the bearers of the children. Do you understand? So do you not understand why war was sent there by the planet herself? She is NOT androgynous, she is a Mother, and these ARE all of her children. And when the patriarchs decide to chain the matriarchs, then they are facing the wrath of the ultimate Mother that they must deal with. Do you understand? Now, that is the best position for patriarchs, is to have other patriarchs show them. Do you understand?
Now it is time for the feminine to go back to the forefront of THIS country [U.S.A.]. Who is the feminine `leader' of this country?
Guest: Lady Liberty.
Wisdom: Excellent. Now, what is the masculine influence that has overtaken this?
Guest: President Bush. LOL
Wisdom: Government. You must start taking into consideration what IS masculine as opposed to what is feminine. Now, what would be the most effective way for the planet to prove Liberty rules over government?
Janisel: Do away with the government. LOL
Wisdom: Ahhh … she cannot do that.
Guest: That's wishful thinking.
Wisdom: How about a good `wash-off'? A nice bath. Now do you understand? Never underestimate the power of THIS female. [earth] <grin> I think there was another one [saying], yes? `Do not fool with Mother Nature'? Because you never know what her Soul will draw to you if you do. Do you not think that her Soul has been crying for you? Too many tears. And what feeds those tears is your fear. When you fear her [earth], it breaks her heart. Do you understand? When you see the `bath' coming, do not fear the bath, welcome the `cleansing'. Do you not think that it is time to be washed off of all that desert sand that has gathered around your government? A bath is much needed, for even the women within your government have to walk the life of a man just to be there. Do you understand? 

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President Barrack Obama inherited the old power structure within and around the government, ruled by patriarchs. Divine Wisdom said: "Do you not think that it is time to be washed off of all that desert sand that has gathered around your government?" In the wake of Hurricane Sandy this message gives us much to ponder. Behold the wrath of the Earth Mother.

Hanz Malmberg