Universal Law of Cause and Effect


Universal Law, handled by Master El Morya ¹
Channeled through Norma Milanovich ²

"Shalom to the Children of Light who are ready to become self-realized. Today I teach, El Morya, the lesson which is intended to bring freedom to the masses. I come on the wings of the dove and the olive branch hold in my hand, which I offer to anyone who will accept him. The olive branch symbolizes peace since through peace people will master the Law of Cause and Effect. If my humble gift is accepted, the words in this passage will increase your power because they will describe the steps needed to overcome the slavery of the human soul.

The Law of Cause and Effect is at first glance complicated, yet simple in the order of the universe. The law states in brief that "every cause creates an effect, and that every effect has its origin in a cause." At first glance this seems complicated, because there are so many forces can cause those consequences. There are, for example, the thoughts, feelings, words or actions that are generated at any point in time, which have a result, at a later moment the effect; whether there are forces from past lives or have been brought by genetics in motion, to be realized. It is difficult to discern the cause when one finds oneself in the middle of solving a dilemma, or the experience of an experience. Amidst confusion, it is important to remember that everything is created by perfect cycles of energy. This is truth, because there is universal order exists in all things. That order says that everything moves in a cycle. This includes all experiences in the life of every individual, and also the forces of nature.

The Law of Cause and Effect involves a number of interrelated phenomena that should be understood if one continues on the road to mastery. These phenomena are:
·        The power of the will.
·        The brightness of the aspirant.
·        The fear of the unknown and its effect on events.
·        Forgiveness.

Each person participates in the creation of their reality through individual acts. The difference between an 'average' person and a master is that the average person is tossed like a ship on rough sea, the strong will of others following. Masters teach them, through the use of higher laws versus lower laws and by applying with strong involvement of higher principles, create their own destiny and environment. Subconsciously, this is the state in which all wish to be. However, this is a state that only few have reached, because the hearts and minds of most individuals are not strong enough to take responsibility for creating their own reality.

Several layers of existence are simultaneously active in the Law of Cause and Effect. Everything happens for a reason; there is no such thing as coincidence. All events are ongoing and continuously, although the person often does not understand the reason for the event. The higher levels are layers that build mastery - the lower levels make unfinished issues down. The soul remains many lives at the lower levels of existence until it has freed himself from the karmic debts and responsibilities that have been detrimental to growth.

As an initiate a higher state of consciousness begins to take on, brings the Higher Self (which controls the upper strata of life) experiences and lessons to the person, that build character. Karma is dissolved and replaced by initiation trials to make the soul strong. Then the Higher Self then determines personality traits that need refinement or strengthening and takes lessons with individuals (opponents) in the person's life to help them understand how they can grow into the Light. Such examples may include classes in:
·        Overcoming pride.
·        The assert themselves lovingly.
·        Learning to love unconditionally.
·        Controlling fears.
·        The surrender of the ego to the will of God.
·        Managing the emotional or mental body.
·        The desire to serve the world.

The lower levels of existence are the layers that keep people trapped in the cycle of rebirth, life after life, where they learn how to complete unfinished business with souls they meet. In these experiences, the individual often moves like a puppet on the instructions of the strong will of another person. Thoughts and emotions of the stronger personalities
'cause' often that the individual feels and acts in manners corresponding to those stronger will. If the individual is not in balance in the yin (female) and yang (male) energies, and no self-confidence has to love herself, that individual will usually yield to the stronger will, for approval or lack of courage. Fear or lack of confidence are the main driving forces that keep individuals in the cycle of rebirth. If there is something missing from inside, people try to fill the void by behavior that is visible to the outside world.

The goal of mastery is to remain centered at all times, and avoid extremes in behavior. In these views insiders realize that they may experience and overcome all possible situations with maximum power, unless fate decides otherwise. There will need to at all times centered, calm and remain peaceful. If the will is used to control the Law of Cause and Effect.

A Master knows that any approach is different, will never work. The lapse in behavior extremes founds the individual only stronger in the lower levels of existence. It gives taking extreme positions, through the wheel of cause and effect, give rise to situations that continue to bring more of the same experiences to the soul. This happens until the lesson to be learned is finally understood what the individual free will to go to a higher level of existence.

The Law of Vibration was revealed that higher vibrations consume and transform lower vibrations. Lower vibrations can never change the higher, because higher energy is always too intense. Since all actions create other events, the Law of Cause and Effect teaches that the way to free themselves from events that seem negative and destructive, is the journey to begin inside, and all the thoughts and feelings that are experienced to observe.

Remember that the power of the will determine the momentum in the Law of Cause and Effect. The will, if they are centered in and attuned to the head, the power to perform miracles and control the draaing of the electrons in those moments. This is possible if the person is both clear and free of judgment. It is also possible if he or she understands that Light directs the movements of creation.

Another important concept that plays a role in the Law of Cause and Effect is karma, which already is spoken. Known term for this phenomenon is "what you sow is what you will reap." Everything is experienced has its roots not only in the past but also in the collective moment of time. This is the truth.

If unpleasant events will be part of one's life, it helps if you know that these events have come to one of the following reasons:
1. Either there is unfinished business that one must resolve before the soul can go to a higher level of existence,
2.      Either there are lessons to be learned in order to achieve a higher level of existence and enlightenment.
There are no other reasons for karmic debts that are experienced within the context of the Law of Cause and Effect. Everything is designed so that people can evolve to higher states exist.

Since the Harmonic Convergence in 1987, all the Children of Light freed of karmic debts, but few have known that this was so. At that time it was granted the dispensation, all of the opportunity presented to begin their initiation trials so they were free to walk their paths toward mastery. This does not mean that there is no karma is more structured (both good and bad), because all remain still responsible for individual actions that give life direction. This is only said to make it clear that the events are not in someone's life longer attached to the wheel of the past, but now are linked with the higher planes of existence, the soul the space to achieve higher states of enlightenment and power.

Nothing escapes the law. Everything is in Divine Order. There is no such thing as a coincidence or chance. Saying that a coincidence, is tantamount to saying that the events are labeled as accident outside the Universal Mind and order might exist. This can not be. Universal Mind is everything and everything is fine. Everything is law.

Consequently this means for the initiate on the road that one must begin by appropriating the mind and the emotions. One has to love herself, which the Light has the opportunity to constantly flow from the source through the consciousness and return to the Source. Everything must be continuous and be experienced as a circular motion. If this is accomplished, the person takes a position in which the higher levels are used above the lower levels, and he or she creates the utopia where deep down to be craved. Thus, freedom is experienced and is the slavery past.

I trust that this is the Law of Cause and Effect explains sufficient. Go in peace, harmony and balance. I AM El Morya. "


1. In the Spiritual Hierarchy El Morya is the Lord of the First Ray. The First Ray embodies the energies of God's Will and God's Power. Those who work on the first ray, are chosen because of their ability to cope with power. El Morya is the Master of the Universal Laws. In his (last) incarnation as El Morya Khan, he sailed the heavens in 1898.

2. Norma Milanovich is the author of the book "The Light Shall Set You Free" (1996). The book is in dutch translated in 1999 under the name "The light will set you free" (Publisher Petiet / ISBN 90-75636-28-8). Norma Milanovich leads the spiritual organization "Athena Leadership Center (http://www.athenalctr.com), channeling many Heavenly Beings of Light and organizes frequently repeated spiritual group activities and group travel.

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